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Our Mission

Make it easy for you and I to discover new and better food and drink!

Our Merit

Making it easy for new brands to get their amazing products into our tummies!

Our Promise

To support and bring you new, delicious, independent and socially good food and drink!

Our Impact

A more varied, tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly way of edible life!

What Brands Will I Find On KESTO?

In a nutshell, brands need to be:

  • Delicious
  • Independent (less than 50% owned by a big conglomerate like Coca-Cola or Unilever)
  • Environmentally friendly and using eco-friendly production and packaging wherever possible

And we'd prefer they were:

  • Socially good
  • Edible under multiple dietary restrictions (gluten free, dairy free etc.)

The Home Of Start Up Food & Drink!

Kesto's sole mission is to make it easy for you to discover and buy better food and drink.

We're building THE go to platform for start up, independent, artisanal (pick your word!) food and drink brands to sell directly to customers.

You can buy items either individually from our online shop or by subscribing to the monthly Essentials Box, curated by Kesto. The Essentials Box contains 8-12 of the most scrumptious, exciting and new brands we can find, delivered to you each month.

Follow us on Instagram @kesto.food to discover the best new food and drink out there. You'll get lots of 'warts and all' behind the scenes content on Insta as we build Kesto up from scratch.

Why Do New Brands Need Kesto?

Young brands starting out need Kesto because big retailers and supermarkets (who shall remain nameless … Smamazon. Plesco. Trainsburys.) often impose restrictive sales terms on brands who haven’t ever sold much.

That can mean a brand’s life or death. They’ll say “we’ll stock you, but only in 12 test stores, and you can’t sell with anyone else.”

Worse still, supermarkets often stock new brands to see if they sell well.

Then they copy the ones that perform and prioritise their own brand version on the shelves, which can kill of the young brand.

How New Brands Benefit From Kesto

So how can a new brand show big retailers proven sales numbers, without being locked into any suffocating retailer conditions? How can a new brand not worried about being copied?


Because we’re online with low overheads we can make it seamless, cheap and as risk free as possible for new brands to get their innovative products into your hands, quickly.

And while copying brands is very tempting to do, as you can make a lot of money from it, you'll never see a "Kesto" range of food or drink.

We’d rather support a brand already making an amazing product become a big success and get them into as many peoples homes as possible!